For over 20 years Munchkin brand is known by innovative solutions for products for hygiene and feeding and bath toys for children.
Founder of Munchkin brand, Steven Dunn, from the very beginning has been guided by the desire to rid the world of stereotypes, everyday products, through development of new solutions that meet the needs of modern parents and so make parenting easier, safer and more enjoyable.
Innovative accessories for feeding and hygiene, fun toys for water and room that encourage creativity and imagination of the youngest, are little things that make the world of parenting special and fun.

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Wednesday, 21.09.2016.

Within campaign "Safety is never on vacation", launched by Keprom company, another project was successfully implemented.

Friday, 05.08.2016.

Within the project "MAM place for breastfeeding" the third breastfeeding bench has been set on Zemun’s quay, near the Venecija restaurant. In this way, the World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated and completed the first phase of the project "MAM place for breastfeeding".