Artsana Company in a wide range of its brands has one specially designed for ladies. This is a brand LYCIA, which includes a line of products grouped into categories essentially dedicated for women. These are products for hair removal and postdepilational care, intimate hygiene and preservation of freshness, manicure and pedicure, nurturing the skin and removing makeup.
From 2010., Lycia is enriched with the collection of Lycia Pharma, which includes formulas specially created for sensitive skin care. The focus is on the women -  the modern, active women who need products that they can unconditionally rely on.

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Wednesday, 21.09.2016.

Within campaign "Safety is never on vacation", launched by Keprom company, another project was successfully implemented.

Friday, 05.08.2016.

Within the project "MAM place for breastfeeding" the third breastfeeding bench has been set on Zemun’s quay, near the Venecija restaurant. In this way, the World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated and completed the first phase of the project "MAM place for breastfeeding".