First Elmex Caries Protection toothpaste with organic amine fluoride was launched in 1962. Elmex is a reputable brand of Gaba company with headquarter in Basel. When it comes to oral hygiene, Gaba has a dominant role in the European market, especially in countries like Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Elmex brand products, known as high-quality products in the field of oral hygiene, contain high amine fluoride level which effectively protect  teeth from caries and exposed dental necks from varius stimulations. For beginning, 4 toothpastes that prevent caries will be introduced to Serbian customers: Kids, for children younger than 6 years, Junior, for children from 6 to 12 years, Sensitive, advanced protection for exposed dental necks and Elmex toothpaste that remineralise even from emerging caries beneath enamel. All Elmex products can be used individually, but they complement each other in original and unique way for better protection of your teeth. For more details visit

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Wednesday, 21.09.2016.

Within campaign "Safety is never on vacation", launched by Keprom company, another project was successfully implemented.

Friday, 05.08.2016.

Within the project "MAM place for breastfeeding" the third breastfeeding bench has been set on Zemun’s quay, near the Venecija restaurant. In this way, the World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated and completed the first phase of the project "MAM place for breastfeeding".